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Jersey Microwave's Smart Power BUCs are high-performing RF sub-systems. The designs include JM's Smart BUC module, M&C circuitry, power supply, ethernet connectivity and custom GaN-based SSPA, all delivered in a highly efficient package compared to standard BUC sub-systems with high output power. These systems have the intelligence to achieve all monitoring and control functions (RS-485), as well as manage the unit's cooling/temperature. The unique cooling technique is a patent pending design that helps maintain low temperature rise in a sleek compact package.

Specially designed to translate L-Band up to Ka-band frequencies for satellite transmitting purposes, our Smart Power BUCs are ideal for any application where small size, light weight and high power are critical.

Click below to download the datasheet.

Frequency Band Datasheet
X-Band Download
Ku-Band Download
Ka-Band Download