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Get continuous RF operation without loss of signal on a completely automated basis with our fully contained (no external switches) 1:2 Redundancy Switch. Jersey Microwave's 142 system reduces the complexity of most standard 1:2 systems:

  • It allows for full monitor and control from the switch unit or any one of the converters.
  • It gets its DC power from the online block converters so it is "triple redundant" supplied.
  • It has two modes of operation, both manual and auto.
  • It's fully tested end-to-end as a complete system.
  • It can come as either an outdoor block or indoor rack-mount package.

Our 142 switch provides foolproof back-up coverage for all JM C-Band, X-Band, Ku-Band, DBS Band, Ka-Band and Multi-band frequency converters. Refer to the individual data sheets for performance and available bands.

For more information about our 1:2 Redundancy Systems, click below to download the data sheet.

Frequency Band Datasheet
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