We take quality seriously.

That is why Jersey Microwave is committed to delivering high-quality products and services that meet or exceed expectations.

To achieve and maintain the highest standards, we created a Quality Management System (QMS) that follows ISO 9001:2008 best practices. Our process involves steps to ensure:

  • Design meets specifications;
  • Issues and variances are identified and resolved early in the process;
  • The supply chain is robust and responsive;
  • Manufacture meets design;
  • Thorough testing throughout the process;
  • And QMS is continuously audited and improved.

ISO 9001

In 2017, JM updated its ISO registration by migrating to 9001:2015. This endorsement verifies that JM meets the highest commitment to quality and deploys a QMS that consistently provides defect-free processes and products.

ISO Certificate

Want to learn more about how we’re ensuring quality?

Contact us with any questions. We also welcome all feedback and suggestions to help inform continuous improvements and ensure quality experiences.